Thursday, September 29, 2011

Checkin' In

I can hardly believe that September is over... tomorrow is that last day!? What?!? How did that happen? Well, I can tell you that this weather has been amazing and it hasn't even felt much like September. Though the trees are changing and our city is looking beautiful! Let's get right to it this week:

  • We voted on Tuesday. Confession: I think this is only the second time I've voted and the last time it was because I had turned 18 and was finally of legal age to vote. I've been remiss, but we are beginning now and will teach our children the importance of it. Talk about convenient, though, we were at the mall and the advance polls were set up. We showed our IDs and voted and were through the process in under 15 minutes (with children in tow). The littles were given these cute certificates that I'll put away in their keepsake boxes.
(I interrupted her movie)
  • I needed a Superman t-shirt. They're hard to find (especially if you're cheap like me), so I made one. I used this method again.

  • Jen, here's my no shampoo update: tomorrow marks 5 weeks. I am still doing the baking soda/apple cider vinegar about every other day. You're supposed to be able to wait 3-4 days, but my hair hyper produces oil and it's still less than shampooing every day. I also had my haircut last week and wasn't about to skip the wash, it's my favourite part of going for a haircut, so I'm not entirely sure if that meant I was starting over or not. I bought these multi-purpose bottles from the dollar store and they have measurements on them, which make mixing super easy. This is the method I've been using: Baking soda mixture 2Tbsp soda to 8 oz. water. Rub into scalp (don't wet your hair first) and rinse. Apple cider vinegar mixture 2 oz. ACV to 6 oz. water (1-3 ratio) plus 4 drops peppermint essential oil. Rub into scalp and rinse. These squeeze bottles are great, I just put the spout right to the scalp and squeeze away. My hair feels great - I probably won't buy shampoo again.

  • David's filled holes and mounted the soon-to-be microwave on the little's kitchen. We're close to prime and paint time. I've picked colours and I'm so excited.

(David got a whole bag of tiles for $2 and they became my springboard for colour)
  • I found these ugly canvas prints for $2 each - a great find for a Christmas project I'm working on. That won't hit blog world until after Christmas.

  • Remember this? Well, I picked up a blue one for Malachi at Once Upon a Child for $5 (regular price is $10 - I had a coupon) and will be re-panelling his, too. No sponge bob for him.
  • We're getting our first family pics since Malachi's arrival. We're tentatively booked for Tuesday. They probably won't hit the blog until after Christmas (sorry, but we want some surprises)
and finally....
  • WE'RE GOING "HOME" TO ALBERTA FOR CHRISTMAS! We haven't been for 2 years and my mom is the only one of both of our families who's met Malachi. We're sooooo excited and we get to go for TWO WEEKS! I can hear our mom's crying with joy!


Jen said...

Excellent update! & I am so, so glad to hear that you can go home for the holidays! That will be soooo special!

One more question about the 'poo... can you use hair product (mousse or whatever?) or do you have to commit to being 'product free' for it to work?

I think I'm gonna make the switch...

Coralee said...

I still use hairspray and David uses mousse, that could be why we still are doing it every other day, but it's a fair trade off for me.

Coralee said...

oh, and day 14 was the yuckiest for me, but it was fine for David (in case you wanted to know)

Coralee said...

Jen, one last mention. You don't use the whole bottle for every wash. Go into shower dry, and use the bottle by squeezing and massaging it in, untill the scalp feels wet, then stop. It takes about an ounce to 1.5 ounces. Same goes for the rinse, but you have to gauge it by feel as to how saturated your scalp feels. Remember, you are washing your scalp (which gets grungy) not the hair persay, as the hair only really gets dirty if you dip it in something, or you let the scalp go to town with greasyness. A bottle lasts the 2 of us about a week.

Evelyn in Canada said...

Coralee, good luck with the no-poo thing. I did it for about 6 months, but couldn't get it to work for me or my eldest daughter. Puberty wasn't helping for her. My youngest two can still do it, but are inconsistent. I still love the idea, but I dont' know why it didn't work for me. It always felt icky.

Patty-Jean Here said...

I'm so happy for you Coralee - Home for Christmas - How exciting!

It has been 4 year now that I've gone shampooless...there have been a couple of times, like after a baby, or a busy season when I used shampoo a couple of times - but every time I would regret it with in a couple of scalp and hair do so much better on Baking soda (little lavender) and applecider vin. Way to Go!!!!

Donna said...

Okay, I just bought new shampoo etc. because I am going to be coloring my hair purple again. It washes out so fast as it is, so would that be the same with the vinegar solution?

Also, I really LOVE those colors with that tile! Paint chips and the items that inspire the color combinations are almost as much a passion for me as food.