Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Is the Fog Lifting?

Well, this week I will be hitting my second trimester and yesterday was as bad as any day I've had during this pregnancy so far. Still, I am clinging to the hope that the fog is, in fact, lifting. There is so much I want to tell you and yet much I am not ready to say. For now, I can say that I've been really enjoying my littles lately. Despite the fact that it's been very quiet and slow days, their little personalities are beginning to show through so clearly and I like them. I really like them.

During this fog, we celebrated (quietly) our Micah's first birthday. I can hardly believe he's one already. I know all the mom's say that, but it's true even so. In case you're wondering, I think Micah might just be our strongest willed little yet. While this is a bit tiresome, it makes me laugh, too.

I received my birthday present in the mail. David's family sent me some birthday money and I ordered my fourth ring in my family ring stack. I chose this style of ring so that I could add as I needed to and sure enough, I'll need another by the new year. Michelle, from Olive Bungalow, has always done a nice job and I am really happy with how they all "fit" together.

I found out a whole bunch of people have been keeping a wonderful secret. When I have details to share, I'll fill you in with a nice, long, wonderful story. I am so blessed! I'll give you a little hint: We'll be able to get our entire family out and about by the time our newest little joins the family.

We have our first appointment with our midwife today. There is a shortage of midwives in Manitoba, so I am so thankful that Gisele agreed to take us again. I don't know if baby is old enough for us to hear their heartbeat yet, but that's my favourite part... I'm hoping we get a little listen today.

I've been especially enjoying the "little" things. The way the sun sets and the cool breeze hits our front steps, makes it a lovely place to sit in the evening. I hope to do so more often.