Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini Dolly and a Pacifier clip

Abigail has had velcro figured out for a long time, but that has made the store bought soother tethers useless. Just before we went to Edmonton, I decided to make a tether with a snap instead so that it stays put. David has a love-hate relationship with the tether. Most of the time it just frustrates him, but I stick it out because I don't want lost soothers! Anyway, it's crafty and since I'm waiting until after Abby's party to show you what I've been up to, I figured I'd share this even if it's simple and old news.

The other little project I can share is Abby's mini dolly. I was watching her play and realized just how much she is currently enjoying toys that she can hold in one hand. I then thought to myself that I had to enlarge the doll pattern 200% and what if I just didn't enlarge the pattern at all? This was a quick little project, the embroidered face took the longest (if I had a permanent fabric marker I would have used that instead). Anyway, I made one to match her big dolly and one as a little belated birthday present for Abby's little friend, Aisha. Aisha and Abby are exactly 1 week apart in age and shared birthday cupcakes at Aisha's party.

While Abby and I were out with my friend Jenni and her daughter, Emma, we stumbled across this cool toy. We both got a little sentimental about it. Anyway, we'll probably pick these up for the girls and put them away for when they're older. Wouldn't you, if your daughter's and her friend's names were Abby & Emma?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working on...

  • crochet hat for Abigail
  • slip covers for our dining room chairs
  • birthday party decorations
  • cupcake decorations
Plus, I still have diapers to sew! This doesn't include all the going to sew pile either... I love it!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I QUIT! ...Scrapbooking that is

I was a scrapbooker. I started scrapbooking before it was even called that. It began in elementary school (grade 5 to be precise) and yesterday I decided that I'm not going to scrapbook anymore. Why? I discovered the joy of photo books and a great company called Shutterfly.

I first tried a photo-book for our anniversary in August. I spent hours online here and ordered a book and waited. Well, it came in good time, but the quality was terrible. I was so disappointed. They did refund my money, and for that I was grateful, but all the time I put into it was gone. I was leery about trying another one, but then I read Michelle's review on Shutterfly and thought I'd give it another go. It was a week and a half before Christmas and the advertising guaranteed on time delivery for Christmas, so I ordered an 8" x 8" padded hard cover photo-book of our wedding for David. I'll spare you all the details, but I just got it yesterday. I had to contact the company and tell them that I never received the book and they shipped another one out right away.

The funny thing is, that I received both yesterday... the missing one and the new one. The result... I love it! It turned out great. Some of our pictures aren't the best quality, but then they were taken in a dark auditorium and then lightened up at the developing place (back in the day of 35 mm film). I went with the 8" x 8" for that very reason. The base book comes with 20 pages, I purchased 2 extra in this book.

Anyway, there are already half a dozen more books I want to make and I'm considering selling off my scrapbooking supplies to fund the photo-books. As far as cost is concerned, the photo-books are way cheaper per album, plus you spend way less time on them. As far as scrapbooking is concerned, I am happy to say it, "I Quit!"


Friday, January 22, 2010

3 Weeks to Wean and Birthday Tales

David and I are going to an Encounter weekend that our church does every year. This means that Abigail is going to have her first stay away from Mama and Papa and for a whole weekend. This is why I have 3 weeks to wean. Well actually, it's 2 now, but I've formulating this post most of the week already. This week's goal is to eliminate the middle of the day nursing sessions (ie after her naps). Abigail is doing quite well, though I am more emotional than I expected. Who knew that I'd have issues with this? Probably everyone else who's had to wean their babies. We are surviving! Oh and teething... check out all of my baby's pearly whites!
Abigail's birthday was great. It started out with Mama and Papa singing her awake with a soft "Happy Birthday" song. We don't often go get her together and don't wake her with singing, so she liked that alot. David had to work so off he went and Abigail and I were picked up (a sacrifice of high proportion from my dear friend) to go to Abby's little friend, Aisha's birthday party. Aisha turned 1 exactly a week before Abigail and I'm sure they're going to be great friends! The party was great fun and Abigail even got a mini cupcake with a candle and was honored to be included in the birthday wishes. There are some great pictures of all the children - of which I have none because I forgot my camera. As we left the party, Abigail was given a lovely little present and loot bag with a balloon flower. Such a delight for her! After her nap we had some playtime which included funny hand to mouth songs:

Abigail was given some birthday money and had a gift certificate left over from Christmas and so we picked up a cabinet for all her toys and books. David assembled it on Tuesday evening. When Abigail woke up the next morning and I showed her the cabinet and that she was allowed to open it herself she said over and over "oh wow! oh wow! oh wow!" It's a hit! The cabinet is actually designed for linens, but it works well for this purpose.

The top section is full of older children's books for when Abigail is older. Under that is a drawer for her coloring books/crayons etc and below is her cupboard with board books and a few toys (we switch out her toys frequently - less toys to play with at one time means less to pick up and she gets different toys often to play with so it keeps them interesting).

We have lots of my books from when I was younger, including classics like the Little House on the Prairie series, Anne of Green Gables series, the Mandie series plus we added books like Peter Pan, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson and more. I hope to add The Wedding Planner's Daughter  books by the time she's ready for them.

In the evening we had our housegroup to attend and Abigail was given another lovely little present and lit up the room with this smile:

Thank you for all the birthday phone calls and felicities through facebook etc. I treasure them all in my heart and will tell her all about it someday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Baby is 1!

A year ago today, I got to meet the little girl who has changed my life forever. She truly is a delight and a joy and we are so proud of her. Abigail Coralee Gingras, what a year it has been!

(click on images to enlarge)

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Poncho and New Jewelry

David bought me 4 balls of the softest yarn for Christmas and I decided to try making a poncho. I made it with two rectangles (hdc) attached together adding fringe and though it's a bit rough - being my first try on a bigger project, I like it. It's warm and cozy and super soft. Youtube helped me out with learning different crochet stitches and how to do the tassels. I am very visual so this turned out to be the best way for me to learn.

I wore this out on a date with David last Tuesday and we came across this necklace that looks so great with my new poncho that David bought it for me immediately.

This lovely spoon ring David also bought for me while we were in Edmonton. Our friends from the Antique Photo Parlour brought them in from Cuba and I wanted a new one since mine (that I also got in Cuba) has seen better days. It is made from a silver dessert spoon and because of that, my finger is quite green underneath. I have that funny reaction to silver - anyone know any home remedy tricks for this? I am wondering if rhodium plating from a jeweler would do the trick, but since that costs $30/ring (last I had it done to my wedding set) I'm not sure if I am willing to risk it. I like it enough to deal with a green finger ;)

That's my show 'n' tell for this week. Abigail turns 1 this Thursday and now I am working on her party plans. Some crafting is definitely involved in that and I will show you after her party (on the 31st). Hope your new year is full of loveliness so far - mine sure has been!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally! My Watch is Replaced!

Did you know that I make jewelry, too? I know that some of you knew that, but as it's been a long time I figured not all of you would know that. Anyway, I had a watch that I put my own band on. I had a bunch of unique beads, some of which were leftovers from other projects, and I wanted to use them in a unique way. I think the original version of this watch was created 5 or so years ago and it has been re-made several times. Well, the watch died (replacing the battery did nothing) and it was a sad day. I love my watch (not the face so much as it was nothing special, but the band made it fun). Finally! My watch is replaced and I remade the band with the same beads, just changing the wire to black (I had some leftover after a recent project and I love the look of black wire). I do, however, need to change one of the bumpy beads to a smooth one, since it digs into me when I hold Abigail. It's been nice having a watch on again.

(I made it so that it wraps around twice for ease of putting it on)

P.S. We had the privilege of going to see some family and friends in Edmonton over New Year's and it was a good week. I'm sorry that we weren't able to meet up with everyone as one week just isn't enough time. I hope no one felt overlooked and that you can extend grace and understanding to us.