Tuesday, October 28, 2014

When Tragedy Comes

I've heard people say that when tragedy comes you can either turn against God or turn toward Him. I'm happy to say that I'm pressing toward God right now. My family is in the midst of tragedy. I don't have permission to share the details here. I am incredibly sad, but I'm not afraid. I cling to the hope that I've found in Jesus. What great timing for my journaling Bible to arrive. I find myself hiding His word in my heart while expressing myself creatively and it's been a great comfort and stress reliever. I am so grateful, because I know myself and my tendency is to harden my heart rather than be sad. I've always said that it's easier for me to be angry than sad. I am honestly weary of sadness, but at least I'm soft to the Lord and His mercies have indeed been new every morning. I experience His faithfulness even in the midst of sad times.
ESV Journaling Bible

If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sorry for the duplicates, but here's what I've journaled so far.

Psalm 34 (He delivers me! - such a comfort!)

Lamentations 3:23

Isaiah 55:11 and Matthew 15

Job 12:10

James 5:11

2 Chronicles 20
I'm thankful for your prayers and support, whether you know details or not. I'm so blessed to say that I am NOT alone!


Ken said...

Hi Coralee. Those are wonderful additions to your journaling Bible! Beautiful, in fact. And may your artistic expression bring comfort to your spirit and your soul in these difficult times.

Country Mouse said...

You do beautiful work! I know God will see you and your family thru your trials and tribulations. Please know I will keep you in prayer.