Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Catchin' UP

Just before Malachi was born I made myself a new diaper bag. I was on the hunt for one that wasn't a box and was cute, but functional. After surfing through flickr, I found this adapted Amy Butler Modern Diaper Bag. I have the book, but never considered the bag because it's so huge. The reduced size makes a much nicer bag (though it's still quite large). I did a lot of minor adjustments of my own and in the end, I like it. The exterior fabric is from recycled dress shirts out of David's closet. I don't know if I'd make this bag again, but it serves it's purpose.

In other crafty news... with a limited budget, but a desire to give some gifts, we made up some jar gifts. Of course we had to try out the recipe, and it sure is yummy. Layered bean soup mix... cute and tasty.

(These were wrapped in cloth bags as part of the challenge)

Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Been a Busy 3 weeks!

Wow! Where do I begin? Here's the I-may-only-get-a-few-minutes-to-write blog post:

Malachi is now 24 days old... unbelievable!

My Mom had 2 weeks to visit and it's already over (insert sad face here)

 (Malachi as Baby Jesus in Bethlehem LIVE!)

Our church's production of Bethlehem LIVE! had 5,347 visitors this year  - Malachi was baby Jesus for 7.5 hrs in total and only missed 2 tours because he needed to eat... he did great! There's a great radio broadcast featuring this Winnipeg treasure here.

CLOTH DIAPERS (started over 2 years agoARE FINISHED!!!! This was a huge team effort. David cut, measured, purchased materials and got up early in the morning with Abigail so I could sleep. Mom spent many many hours sewing (including a couple of all-nighters!), also watched Abigail and Malachi so I could rest and even stitch ripped out my I'm-so-tired-I've-made-the-same-mistake-twice mishaps. Mom also purchased mis-measured (the few measurements I made) supplies and late night snacks. What started over 2 years ago is finally done and I don't see myself sewing any more diapers... ever!!!

(Late night sewing with my little helper)

My serger that David found at a garage sale for me last summer was serviced as a Christmas present and is up and running!! Now I just need to learn more than the basic function of it.

Malachi's birth story still coming, and might happen soon (now that things are slowing down... a bit)
  • We are hoping to move in the new year... hoping we can get into these apartments in February... in suite laundry - hello!
  • With all that's gone on this past month, I feel like I've already had Christmas - full of many many blessings!

I'll leave you with a family picture outtake...

... FAIL! (Twila, we need you!)