Monday, September 5, 2011

Summer List 2011 Wrap Up

It's been a great time! I am so glad that we decided to give it a go. No, we didn't do everything on our list. That never really was my intention - though we gave it a good go. I really wanted to give us a reference point of ideas for what to do on our "weekends". David's job requires him to work weekends, so for the most part Tuesday and Wednesday have become our Saturday and Sunday. Anyway, last week we checked off a few more. We have a few fall-ish type things on the list, so we'll probably just keep it going, but officially the summer is over and so, here's our wrap up.

Items we checked off last week:
  • Cars 2 movie - David went with his friend, Dawson and they saw it in IMAX 3D!
  • Swimming - we went to the Kildonan Park outdoor pool and it was so great! Next summer we will be going more than once.
 (Abby takes awhile to 'warm' up to the water, but then doesn't want to leave)

(Malachi in the Mei Tai after his swim)
  • Millenium library - I love libraries and this is Winnipeg's BIG one. We didn't stay long as the littles were tired, but we took home a pile of books and I would love to go back without the littles for a library date with my David.
(there are fun creatures in this library)

Items we crossed off as missed or unable to attend due to scheduling:
  • camping at Bird's Hill Park - we decided that our Abby wasn't ready for this one and without gear, we weren't really ready either. Maybe next summer.
  • Goldeyes baseball game - David closed at work a lot of the summer and we found it difficult to coordinate his schedule, our parenting class schedule and babysitting. 
  • The Fringe festival - we just missed it, we don't read the paper or watch the news etc and so we missed it. No biggie, neither one of us were too heartbroken over that.
  • Happy Feet movie in Assiniboine Park - David had to work that night
  • Music Festival (specifically Folk Fest) - we were broke
  • Disposable camera from a toddler's perspective - have you seen how expensive disposable cameras are these days?! We decided to skip it for now and maybe we'll get Abby a kiddie digital for Christmas and we can follow her for a day through her eyes.
  • Nature scavenger hunt - we decided that it was a bit more of an effort than we wanted to put in, in order to do it in a way that Abby would enjoy participating in. Laziness is my only reason.
Items we didn't get to and may or may not complete before the snow flies:
  • reading date - we can do this any time of year, but we have done picnic type reading dates that are nice outside. We don't often get quiet time to just read, so we've learned that this can be an enjoyable shoulder to shoulder time
  • fly a kite - we don't actually have one, but we could borrow one
  • go out for gelato
  • water 'fight' 
  • play in a sprinkler or some fun water toy
  • corn maze
  • decorate the house - for an un-occassion just because
  • go to Old Revival House Co. - this one's for me and I don't want to take the children
  • backyard movie theatre - this would be a great group date night and I'd love to do it this fall, yet
  • bake - technically I did this, but I put it on the list to do with Abby (I'm not a lover of kitchen domesticity so this hasn't been a priority for me)
  • family time at the Prayer Furnace (city prayer house of prayer) - we'd like to do this on a regular basis, but haven't made it yet
  • Kung Fu Panda 2 movie - missed the theatre, but can wait for the DVD
Overall, it's been a great way to accommodate Gingras Family Adventures this summer. We are definitely doing it again next year thank you for "joining" in on our adventures.

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