Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Triple Bunk Bed - In Progress and Almost Finished

Last week was spring break. We didn't have a lot of plans, but it ended up being a busy week. One of the things that kept us busy was the construction of a triple bunk bed for our littles. I was going to wait to blog about it until it was completely finished, but it's too cool not to share. My David worked hard to make sure it was ready for use by the end of the week and it's a huge hit. We had decided a few months ago that we would like to put all three of our littles into the same room and the best way to accommodate that would be to put in a bunk bed. Micah, of course, is too little for that yet, but it's best to look ahead, especially since they grow so fast. (Micah turned 10 months yesterday and I'm so blown away.) I've seen a lot of bunks and bunk rooms on Pinterest, but it was Samantha's bunk that caught my attention, possibly because her husband was kind enough to create plans for it and I knew my David could totally make one.
Wood purchased and ready to go

David made some changes, as we are in a rental and didn't want to mount the bed to the wall, plus our littles are smaller and needed full railings. I am soooo impressed with how it turned out! We still need to  paint the bed. We picked up a can of paint at Habitat Restore, but it's too cold outside to paint it in the garage, so we will paint it on a day when we can find a sitter for the day. We also need mattresses yet. Currently we have the littles sleeping on air mattresses. Yikes! I had no idea mattresses could be so expensive! Friends of ours are bringing one on Saturday that they are giving to us and we'll just use the air mattress on the other for now. The top bunk won't be in use for some time and that helps us to save for the third mattress.
Frames finished

measuring and pre-drilling the posts

Our Abby practised on the ladder a lot the first day, just so we could be sure she could manage (especially in the night) and she's got it down! Malachi, who is a natural climber, is still needing help and guidance down the ladder. They both love being up high and are just itching to get on the top.

Fitting the posts

Abigail decided to "make her own" bunk and here she is testing it out
Assembled in the bedroom

First night in their new bed (Christmas lights to guide Abby in the night)
Here's what's left to finish: install top bunk ladder, install one more railing (David decided to add a couple more than he originally planned on and we need to put the last one on), get mattresses and prime and paint it. Let's not forget the decorating, this Mama is ridiculously excited about that. I am a little envious of this cool bed! Maybe next spring break, David will build us a bed frame. I have an idea of what I'd like :)

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