Sunday, August 17, 2014

Our 10th Anniversary Party ~ the Creative Details

What a great day! We had so much fun and from what I've heard, it sounds like it was fun for everyone. I've kept details under my hat for so long that I hope to remember everything I wanted to share. Let's begin with our save the dates.

I printed these on card stock and used marker to mark the date. I chose this format so that I could design and print them before even confirming the date. 

Then the invitation:

These are Wonka Bar knock~offs complete with golden tickets. This was a Pinterest find as many of my details were. In fact, I've just taken the private lock off my anniversary party idea board if you're interested in seeing most of my inspiration.

The main crafting project that kept me busy for weeks was the backdrop. A few notes before I show you:

  • I had help. A few of my girlfriends came over for an evening to help and my sister also helped me for an evening.
  • Even though the backdrop got destroyed (wind and transport etc) I would do it again! I loved the result
  • The end result was not quite the end I would have left it at if I had more time. 
  • I loved this backdrop!

The details: there are 12 foam backed poster boards attached with zip ties covered in paper flowers. The only thing I used was plain printer paper and glue (low temp glue gun). I researched tutorials on Pinterest and in the end I just made things up as I went. It took an average of 2 boards per evening to complete. 
A close~up from my Instagram

I wish I had followed my original instinct to make some extra fill flowers, but as I finished two nights before the party and having out of town guests, I decided to call it finished. The gaps are obvious. Within the first hour of having set it up, I lost one of the larger flowers in the wind and I decided not to try to save it. Transporting it was a bit of a pain. If I make one again, I hope to sell it to a photographer. I think it would be especially nice in a studio.

The only other decor piece we had anything to do with from the picture above was the program.

We actually started late, but we managed to catch up and finish on timer anyway. We wanted to be sure families with littles weren't out too late. Anyway, the rest of the stage...gorgeous right? We were blessed to be hosted on a family farm by an awesome family who are no strangers to hosting events. Their property is beautiful and full of the host's creative touches. 

Our family outfits had some creative touches added here and there. Bow ties, boutonniere and a hat brim change.

Instead of making traditional bow ties that wrap around and under the collar, I removed the top button on the shirts and put a snap in its place with the other side on the bow ties. It worked quite nicely. I couldn't resist popping a piece of wheat into the bib pockets of the boys' coveralls. They looked so cute. I'll show you them dressed up in another post.

We decided that David wouldn't wear a suit but instead a dress shirt with blue jeans and suspenders. He looked so hot! Yes, it was a hot day, but I mean he looked really great! I whipped up his boutonniere with matching ribbon from the boys' ties and my hat brim.

This awesome hat I purchased at the Haberdashery here in town. Friends from church own this great shop and I was so happy to have an occasion to need a great hat. Luke hooked me up with this one and I love it, but the trim was black and my dress, navy. I took matters into my own hands and changed up the trim with a ribbon. 

It's not the best picture, but you get the idea.

I made some digital designed printouts, but I'll share those with you as I get into the ceremony details.

I had a lot of fun with this party. I had so many ideas and some of them didn't make the light of day, but in general I'm happy with the results.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thank You!

Well we are one week away from our anniversary party (9 days away from our actual anniversary). I am so humbled and honoured by support I've received and I can't wait to show you my new dress. You are going to have to wait until after the party. I do like to keep secrets. In the meantime, here's a couple of pictures of bags purchased from my blog sale in action. Thanks Charis and Donna!

"It fits a Mac Book Pro"

 Charis wrote me this note: "I love my teardrop bag! It's just the perfect size to stash stuff for the kids when we are at the park or splash pad.  Todays contents: snacks, water, sunscreen and bug repellant, diapers, wipes, nursing wrap... Plus more! Since I don't currently use a cell phone, the little cell-pouch holds my roll of diaper-disposal bags! Love it"

Many of you shared the link to my sale on Facebook etc, and that meant just as much to me as a purchase, so thank you. I have lots of details to wrap up in a week and we have family coming from out of town, so I probably won't be posting until after the party. I can't wait to show you what I've been so busy doing!