Friday, September 30, 2011

Hoo's Cute?

This little owl, that's who!

I whipped this up, kinda making it up as I went. I did find inspiration on Google images and Etsy, but I drew up a draft on craft paper and cut away. It was quite liberating to just cut and hack away without using a pattern. I love how rustic and rough he looks. I recycled some of David's clothes plus used scraps of fabric in my stash. I love how he turned out! I made it for Malachi, though I'm not sure if he'll get it for his birthday, for our trip to Alberta or for Christmas. Abby keeps calling it a chicken which makes me laugh. I think he needs a name. Any ideas?


Patty-Jean Here said...

woo-Hoo, he is pretty adorable. Great work, as always!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That is one cute owl. I love him! No name ideas though. I'd be the kid who names all their animals what they were. So, maybe call him "Owl"? :-)