Thursday, August 8, 2013

Checking In

It's been almost a month since I said "hello" on this little ole blog. I've missed blogging, but we've been too busy enjoying our summer to spend much time in front of the computer. Here's a bit of what's been going on.

Just after attending a wedding
  • We are in Cinderella almost daily. What fun we've had adventuring in our new treasure. We marvel at this great gift all the time. We have picnicked in our van twice already - works great when you can't find a shady spot. I don't think van adventuring is going to get "old" anytime soon.
picnic in Cinderella - blanket for shade

  • David and Abigail went on a date mini golfing. This was a first for Abby and she had so much fun. She has her own real putter that's "just her age" (she means size whenever she tells the story).

  • Boonstra's Farm yielded 7 lbs. of raspberries and plenty of full diapers the next day ;)

  • We've sold Lady Blue, she was a good car and we'll miss her. We did sell her to a nice old gentleman who bought her to fix up and give away. Nice.
  • We are working through a summer list again this year. I didn't make a wall chart to check off this summer, I made a pocket "passport" instead. I'll have to bring it in from the van and take a picture to show you. We're well on our way to finishing this year. Some items we've crossed off include: 
      1. 2 weddings
      2. 2 of 3 family visits from out of town family
      3. Assiniboine Park Zoo
      4. Boonstra's
      5. Splash park
      6. Swimming
      7. Mini Golf
      8. Day trip - Gimli
      9. Fireworks (Canada Day and a post Goldeyes game)
      10. Build castle bed (covered the bunk bed with cardboard castle sides)
visiting the wolves on Chief Peguis Trail