Friday, October 4, 2013

Crafty Check In - Baby Dolls

I haven't been completely lost, but I have been busy and look what cute-ness came out:

(Claire, Ava, Alysha and Tessa)

 More baby girls born to my girlfriends, mean more baby dolls being made. Once again, this pattern is from Emily Martin, The Black Apple. I printed this one at 200% and shortened the legs a bit. I love this little dolly and I had fun putting together some new ones. You can see my other dolls here.

Abby also had some craft time and made this scarecrow that came in her Clubhouse Jr. Magazine. I love seeing her creativity coming out!

With baby being due somewhere around Christmas, I've had Christmas presents on my mind a lot lately. David and I have a list of handmade things we want to do, so that will likely be my crafting focus for now. I don't want to get caught unfinished in case baby is early. I still want to re-cover my couch, but we'll see if that happens this year or not. My "new-baby-new-bag" wish may not happen this time, but I have plenty of bags to use and not so much time or money to spend on the fabric wish list to go with it. Again, it might happen in the new year. If only the house would take care of itself. *sigh*