Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-shirt Recons and More!

Okay, I  know that I promised you pictures of my projects forever ago. I was waiting for some photography help, but we keep forgetting, so here's my attempt to show you. It all began with this year's clothing shopping planning. We buy clothes once a year (with our income tax return) and so I wanted to make some wise, long lasting decisions. What kind of clothes would be the best choices for a stay at home mom? I really don't need dressy clothes or professional clothes, but I also didn't want to look like I don't care at all. So, what to buy? I considered buying a classic ten piece wardrobe, but that seemed like it would be a little impractical for me. What do other SAHMs wear? Most days, I wear jeans and a t-shirt. I am a little tired of jeans and t-shirts, but they're comfortable and they wash well and hold up to the millions wash/wears I put them through. Then, I got to thinking that just because they're casual and comfortable, doesn't mean that they have to be ugly and frumpy.

Well, thanks to a bunch of lovely blogging ladies, I found some great tutorials on turning your plain jane shirts into lovely shirts. My first attempt was to turn my $2.50 long sleeved shirt into a cardigan. My inspiration came from here and here. Not bad if I do say so myself.

In case you are wondering, every shirt I bought, I bought in duplicate so that I could have more jersey to work with.

This one I knew I had to do when I saw this tutorial!

These are just the three that I've finished so far. I have three more that I have to do yet. I feel just a little bit better about my jeans and t-shirts, now.

In other sewing news... I finally purchased this pattern that has been on my wishlist for quite sometime. I am making one as a present and so I figured I had better do a practice one first. Besides, it was time for a new purse for spring. This is "Thelma's Day Out" by Janelle Wind. Love the design! The pattern... well, let's just say that it should've been classified as a tutorial and not a pattern, but I love the final result and that's what matters. I had this lovely bag out already and have had lots of compliments including "I was going to ask you where you bought your bag and then remembered that you were a crafty person and probably made it." Soooo flattering!

And finally, I made this ruffle apron a long time ago, but hardly ever used it because it was only a half apron. I made the most mess on my shirts and so I need to use bib aprons for them to be of any use. So, I added a little ruffle bib and voila! my fun 'new' apron.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Still Here

I am still here and have been crafting. It's difficult to take pictures of yourself in handmade goods and so I've asked David for some help on his next day off. So, if you can wait a little while longer, I have some great projects to share with you. In the meantime enjoy some pictures of my real live dolly!

(I had some fun with my photo editing in iPhoto)