Friday, March 27, 2009

Nursing adventures

So, my friend lent me her nursing pillow and I thought I'd make a removable cover for it so that it can be washed. I have some pretty powerful letdown and some spillage occurs. I found this great free pattern, again courtesy of Walter & Veronica. Then I got to thinking that the pattern for the cover would also make a great pillow pattern.

Now I have my own pillow - I need to make myself a cover, too.

It takes a 24" zipper, but it's super easy and I love how it turned out. The fleece actally came from blankets that my mom picked up for me. Cute huh? And speaking of nursing, check out this funny video below.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Babywearing is the best!

Remember this post? Well, here it is! Thanks to Meg at Sew Liberated and Lisa from Full Circle Baby for this Moby Wrap. I love it. I need to practice tying it (I had help from a friend for these pics), but I am so excited. The Moby Wrap is very comfortable and versatile.

I have done a lot of reading online about babywearing and the benefits. I was sold on it even before I tried it and now that I've been on the bus without a stroller and shopped the mall without a shopping cart, and walked to Best Buy to pick up David from work... I am even more convinced at how great it is.

My friend, Patty~Jean, is an expert babywearer and an inspiration. Her homemade slings are wonderful. Hey, maybe we could do a swap, PJ? I'll sew you a Mei Tai carrier and you can sew me a sling?

There are some great online resources if you are looking to make your own carriers. The Mei Tai I made came from a free tutorial, and Jan Andrea has great links for all sorts of tutorials and patterns. Meg sells a great Mei Tai pattern here and there's always Etsy for pre-mades or patterns!

There is a great article on babywearing for dads here. David had other ideas as to what to use the Moby Wrap for, though. Seriously, though, David is all for babywearing, but hasn't had much chance yet, because I've been hogging Abigail all to myself. He has used our store bought Snuggli and enjoyed that and it's calming effects on a little girl with a tummy ache.

Living in Winnipeg created some special online research on babywearing in the winter. Check out the "cadilac" of winter coats or patterns to make your own special coat for babywearing in the winter. Thankfully, the jacket I wore while I was pregnant fits over Abigail and we both stay nice and snug. I do need to get myself a neck cozy, though as that can get pretty cold.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Mei Tai Baby Carrier

I am sold on babywearing. Check out information on babywearing here. Here's my Mei Tai carrier - pattern courtesy of Walter & Veronica (UPDATE: THIS BLOG NO LONGER EXISTS AND SO THE LINK IS GONE). The outside fabric was a gift from my sis, Crystal, who brought it all the way from Uganda.

I look sleepy because I just woke up from a nap and David was in a hurry to take the pictures (most of them turned out with my eyes shut)

(you can see the raw edges peaking through at the straps, I need to tweek it a bit for the next one) but, Abigail is so content in here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Socks should be fun, don't you think?

Organizing baby clothes

Abigail has been given so many wonderful clothes in a variety of sizes. I wanted to be able to reach into her closet and grab clothes that fit her without having to remember what size everything is or look at tags. My mom always organized by size and that's what I've done here. Just to make it even easier, I made dividers.

The little peach dress in front was mine from when I was a baby.

This little basket holds Abigail's socks, slippers and mittens. Just wait until you see some of them!

my diaper cake!

I've seen a lot of diaper cakes online and I have often thought that when I had kids, I would love a diaper cake. Presenting a dream come true, thanks to my friend Bernice. Isn't it wonderful? Bernice threw Abigail and me a beautiful shower and I will post baby presents here over time. How cute are baby things?

Monday, March 9, 2009

tiny hats are soooo fun!

I didn't crochet this adorable hat. My friend, Patty~Jean did and she did a fabulous job! Thanks, darling!

check out the cute earflaps!

A Great Present!

Abigail's cousin Ethan painted these beautiful presents and his hard work brings me such joy. I know Abby will love playing with them when she's older! Thank you, cousin Ethan!