Friday, November 2, 2012

Checkin' In

Happy November! I am loving it so far. I hope that I'll have a lot of projects to show you over the next couple of months. Christmas is coming and the handmade gifts are in full swing. Let's get to it, shall we?

  • I'm on my fourth colour on my afghan. My edges are rough, but I will border the whole thing and fake it until I make it. I'm loving the colours together.
(red is really hard to take pictures of!)

  • Baby tie onesies are a fun gift to give! Micah "needed" one (he's getting dedicated this Sunday at our church).

  • Whipped up some new pin cushions recently. I'd been using the same little flower that I made years ago and it was kinda sad. I was given some vintage linens to craft with (there are some holes and it's quite worn, but that makes it great for projects - you don't feel guilty for cutting into it) and I love how they turned out.

  • Dolly's had some creative time, too. Auntie Grace helped her make this lovely necklace.

  • I finally whipped up hanging towels for my kitchen after making and liking my mom's last month.
tutorial and pattern found here

  • Friends of ours are opening their own Tim Hortons next week! I will share pics etc next week.
  • Speaking of openings... On November 26th, my David and I are going to a private shopping preview of Winnipeg's new IKEA! The store is open to the public on November 28th and Peggers have been waiting a long time for their own store. I'll share all about how we got invited and what it's like after the event.

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