Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Checking In

Phew! It's been a bit crazy here, let's talk about it!
  • We got this year's family pictures back. We love them! Twila always does a great job. This shoot was a chilly adventure, but I really love how they turned out. We brought Auntie Trudy (a family friend) with us and I am so glad we did. The littles were able to sit and warm up in her SUV while David and I had pictures taken and we had extra arms to keep the baby warm and the littles taken care of. I totally recommend bringing help to a family photo shoot.

  • We are still deciding on our family philosophy on Halloween, but this year we did dress up with the littles and go for candy. We got a lot of comments about dressing up with the littles, it seems a bit uncommon around here.

  • It's less than a week to our IKEA shopping preview! I whipped up some business cards, in case I run into some other mom bloggers. Inspired from Pinterest.

  • Abby broke her arm. She took a fall off a play structure and life has been ALL about the broken arm. Our little Dolly sure has learned to "milk" it for all it's worth. In all seriousness, she's doing great. Abby's been our big brave girl. Her permanent cast goes on today. Pics soon.
hamming it up

  • Abby has learned to take pictures on our camera. We get a lot of random ceiling pictures, but here's two worth keeping.
taking a few minutes to crochet

Miss Sophia and Dolly (a great picture taken with a little help)

  • I have a whole bunch of projects on the go. Busy busy busy. Not much to show you yet, but it's coming. Abby has even been working on secret Christmas projects. Here's a sneak peek. If you guess, don't give the secret away.

  • My Malachi turned two. Where did the last year go? He's so fun to listen to right now. We aren't fluent in Malachi, but it sure is fun trying to figure it out. We are celebrating with a party on Sunday. If I remember to take pictures, I'll be sure to share them later.

  • Christmas card finished. I had to do a bit of a redesign when I saw the first print. Certain details came out too small, but I think I've got it to a place that I like now.
  • I told you I got a dishwasher, but I haven't shown you yet...here she is! I love to hear her hum and I am so impressed by how much she saves my hands from. So thankful!


Donna Dawe said...

Love, love, love those cards!

Laralee Graham said...

The kids are so cute!! Abby is adorable!! Poor little girl, I hope the arm heals soon!! You guys look great. I love the photos! Hope all is well with the Gingras family! Are you going home for Xmas?