Thursday, October 18, 2012

Checking In

I have a few moments, so I thought it might be good to check in.

  • We took our annual trip to our favourite pumpkin cart. It was a crisp day, but still lovely.

  • A friend crocheted these adorable hats for my littles. We all love them!

  • I am excited to start Christmas gift shopping and sewing etc. The music came on a little bit late for me this year. It was too hot in September for me to be thinking about Christmas, but October's cooler days have got me in the mood.
  • Summer list wrap up - tore down the poster and well, we did pretty good. I've decided to skip the wrap up, but you can read my old posts to see the bulk of what we did. Here, here and here.
  • I'm hosting a group baby shower on Tuesday. I started to decorate today... didn't want to run out of time. I'm very interrupted during the days and don't want to feel rushed. Thankfully, my David is totally cool with it.
  • My Dolly has been working on large scale colouring. She's been taking it very seriously... so cute!

  • I have our 2012 family Christmas card pretty much designed, just need a few more details and a new family picture. I am toying with the idea of selling custom digital designed Christmas cards this year. Maybe $18/card, you print as many as you want. Anyone possibly interested? (I also do birth announcements)

2011 card

2010 card

  •  Sad nursing story... Micah gets tummy aches when I eat/drink dairy. This is hard! I LOVE dairy and milk in my tea. I can drink almond milk and I'm pretty sure lactose free milk as well. The almond milk is TERRIBLE in tea, otherwise I like it. The lactose free milk is okay in tea, but I confirmed this week that Micah also can't handle my favourite teas. The good news is that it won't last forever and I'm grateful that I am able to nurse and don't have to mix bottles!
  • Family pictures with Twila next weekend! We always look forward to this, Twila is amazing!
from last year's photo shoot

  • I am going to be making roman blinds for my living room window. I'm looking forward to getting rid of those terrible vertical blinds!
  • I was inspired by a crocheted afghan I saw on Pinterest and have begun my own. It won't look like that one, but I'm enjoying how it's going so far. Fall is such a cozy time to crochet. A good cup of tea would make it even better, but by the time I'm finished I might be able to curl up in it with said cup.
  • My Pinterest boards have been hopping lately. By that I mean that I have been pinning a lot of Christmas gift ideas, party ideas and sewing tutorials. A lot of which, I intend on using very soon. I have begun a board "Pinned it and did it!". I was pleasantly surprised to find that I've actually done a lot of things that I've pinned. Makes me feel a bit better about the time I've spent on there. 
  • I have a dishwasher! The electrical is being worked on as I type and we'll hopefully have a functioning dishwasher by the end of the weekend! HUGE blessing! More sewing time - woohoo!
  • Oh, and to answer Donna's questions: the rest of my cabinet still needs organizing, but holds coffee maker, tea pots, napkins etc in one cupboard. Tablecloths and placemats in the drawer and misc. junk in the bottom cupboard. My plan is to organize it to be my "hosting" cupboard. Special serving dishes and accessories will be in there. As to where the cabinet is, it's to the right of the microwave counter. I couldn't find a picture with it in there, and my dishes are dirty right now *wink*, so not going to snap one right now.
(directly beside the cupboard on the bottom right of this picture)

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