Wednesday, November 28, 2012

IKEA Shopping Preview - the Invitation

I know some of you are still wondering how David and I got to attend a private shopping preview at Winnipeg's new IKEA. Well, it started with an email invitation. I was a little skeptical that it wasn't a mistake or just junk mail, but responded that I would like to attend and could I please bring my husband. I received an email back saying that this was a private event meant only for those of a media organization and so, David wouldn't be included in the invitation. I responded saying that there must have been a mistake, I wasn't even sure how they got my name and I would wait to attend with the general public. The account executive that I'd been in contact with wrote back with an apology for the confusion but that they enjoyed my blog, the Angry Turtle, and would like for me and any of my blog contributors to attend. With a sigh of relief and a little bit of giddiness, I gladly gave my RSVP for myself and my David, who is in fact, a blog contributor.

We were invited because of my little blog?!?!? I am still a bit in awe of that. I never blogged to get noticed by anyone besides friends and mostly long distance family. I blog as an extension of my creativity and to share with my relatives who live far away. I am often a bit embarrassed, extremely flattered and slightly giddy when someone tells me that they read and/or love my blog. I had no idea it mattered to anyone besides me. In any case, I am grateful that my little blog is enjoyed and got us an invitation to IKEA's media shopping preview.


Andrea Johannson said...

WOW!! So cool Coralee!! I can only imagine how exciting it must have been to hear that a complete stranger loves and reads your blog!! And that they wanted to invite you to a private viewing WITH a discounted rate on merchandise!! How cool!!! I LOVE reading your blog!! :D Still waiting to hear and see more of the ikea!! XO

Jen said...

I may not be "Ikea", but I love reading your blog too! :)

Matt Burns said...

That's so cool. You'll have to let us know what it's like to be big and famous.