Friday, November 30, 2012

IKEA Shopping Preview - SHOPPING! (Picture Heavy)

(photo credit - IKEA) We didn't actually catch this when we were shopping, but now this art piece is on our wish list.

Finally the part you've all been waiting for. Let's shop! David and I wandered through IKEA at a leisurely pace for about two hours. We had in mind certain things that we wanted to see and items we might purchase. In the end we only spent about $40, but we sure had a great time browsing.

David took lots of nice 'n' juicy pics. I'll let them tell this part of the story.

my love of colour had me drooling over this one!

I Love new bedding!

IKEA has such great children's products

Textiles are always full of colour and fun!

We love IKEA and will hopefully go back soon. Our only wish is that IKEA wasn't always so far from where we live. Why is that?

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Donna Dawe said...

to save you money my friends!