Monday, August 3, 2009

Our beautiful new coffee table!

Isn't she beautiful? Okay, this is one of the generous gifts bestowed upon us this week! I won't embarrass our friends who gifted this table to us by telling you who they are, but I quote from their card

"Please consider this not from the [insert family name here]'s, but from the Lord... Coralee mentioned her interest in a certain coffee table from Walmart - and it's a great one! Please enjoy it! (however, if you are interested in another one, please feel free to put this money toward the one you want - otherwise, this is the exact amount for the Walmart one)."

Isn't that the sweetest thing? Well, I love the "one" I mentioned and we picked it up right away. David says it looks like lawyer's furniture (meant to be a compliment). He also said that it might be too fancy for the rest of our furniture. As you can see the end's open to reveal 2 cube footstools and the centre piece flips over to reveal a hard tray for resting your stuff on. My favourite feature? The fact that I don't have to barricade it with pillows to keep Abigail's head safe. It's nice and soft to crawl around, into or suck on (since she teethes on all my furniture). Thank you, our friends! You blessed our socks off!

Stay tuned for more gift reveals coming soon!


Evelyn in Canada said...

That is one very functional piece of furniture! I did without a coffee table for years because of the sharp corners and the need for an indoor running track in the house during the winter (through the kitchen, hallway, living room, kitchen, hallway...).

Hilda said...

I like this kind of modern furniture for home decor!! Love this coffee table!!