Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lil Dippers

Here's a picture of Abigail and her friend, Emma on their last day of swimming "lessons" at the YMCA. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the class, so we settled for locker room pictures. Both of the girls seemed to really enjoy the class. Activities included songs/games like "What time is it, Mr Wolf?", "The Hokie Pokie", "The Wheels on the Bus" and "Alice the Camel". We also learned our front and back floats (neither of the girls liked the back float much), front and back "rocket ships", jumps from outside of the pool, blowing bubbles (or in Abby's case - licking the water) and kicking and splashing the water (Abby's a pro at this now and thinks it's just as fun in the bath).

Jenni and I felt like the girls needed a swimming badge for participation (the older kids all came into the locker room with their badges from the actual lessons) and so I made a couple of these ribbons that I designed a couple of years ago. [Side note: thinking of doing a tutorial for these... wondering if anyone would care?] I found a little whale to embroider on it and voila!

Here's Emma proudly wearing hers - how cute is she? I never did actually pin it onto Abigail (she went straight home for a nap that day). I'm thinking the girls are going to need some sort of display banner or sash or something for all their swimming badges. What do most people do for theirs? We'll have to come up with something anyway. Thanks, Jenni and Emma for a great time and for letting us post this great picture!

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Evelyn in Canada said...

That is pretty cute. I don't do anything with ours. They staple them to the "report cards" and I stuff them into an expanding folder full of "keep-forever" stuff. It's out of hand at this point, so it's probably a good idea to make a sash or stuff an old bathing suit like a pillow and sew them onto it?