Saturday, August 15, 2009

Anniversary Date Night

David and I planned well in advance for this date. I knew that I wanted to do something new and special for our anniversary date and we checked into all sorts of ideas. We finally settled on Jazz on the Rooftop at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. The Brent Parkin Band was booked to play on August 13th (only one day away from our anniversary), so it would work out really well. We pre-ordered tickets for the concert through Ticketmaster and planned to pay at the gallery for the dinner.

Thinking a jazz event would be a nice classy evening, I bought a new dress (didn't get pictures, sorry gals) and some new shoes and gussied myself up for my hot date with David. Imagine my surprise to find myself eating corn on the cob and taco chips at dinner time. Not quite the menu I would put together with a jazz evening, but okay - at least it tasted yummy! I tried not to pick apart the evening - it can be difficult with my event management training. Even David thought a nice salmon dish would be more appropriate . Anyway, we enjoyed our dinner and non-alchoholic drinks (much to the surprise of the bar tender).

Surprise number two, the Brent Parkin band is not really a jazz band. I would classify them as blues or even hill billy rock, but not jazz. They hired the three horn players, I think, to squeak in as a jazz band. David and I enjoy almost all genres of music and we weren't at all disapointed! We did see some people leave early and I'm sure it's because of the lack of jazz. This band was amazing, though! We laughed out loud, clapped our hands and bopped to the music.

The weather, was perfect! It was a super hot day, but because of the high walls and the slowly setting sun, we had shade and even a nice breeze. Not a complaint in that department for sure.

We had such a great time that we are looking forward to next year! I'd definately attend this event again - with different expectations. I'm sure next year's anniversary date will end up being a different event, but Jazz on the Rooftop will still be on our radar for a mid summer's date night.

Oh, I had to show you my cute shoes! I have a couple of angry blisters, but that's not a surprise to me. I always get blisters with new shoes. I am assured by my sister, Crystal, that toe cleavage is a good thing. I wasn't too sure, but I do love my shoes!

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patty-jean said...

Fun! sometimes surprises can surprise us. ya, they are kinda rocky for jazz...i was thinking maybe bluegrass -which can be divine, but looking at your video - they sould just a tad rocky!