Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our beautiful new CAR!

Please welcome with me today, our guest blogger - my David!

Well Dave, what do we have for our next prize?
Well Bob, we have A new to you car. Her name is Lady Blue.

Born in the vintage years of the car industry, 1993, lady blue is a wonderful 4 door deluxe sedan. She heralds from the prestigious lineage of Toyota, from the Tercel family name.

But don’t be fooled by the name Tercel, she has plenty of trunk space, and seating

One of the wonderful features you will notice when you first sit in her, is that she has a great voice, with her built in after market Sony stereo deck. 2 accompanying 5.5” speakers, this lady has a voice that belts out the praises to the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords with style.

To make the deal sweeter, her engine is in amazing condition, with only a small amount of oil consumption in her weekly workout schedules, which is more than we can say for our own fast food grease and oil consumptions. * Insert laughter here *

But this automatic shifting girl is even easier to get going, with her 2000’ Viper remote starter. Yes, she has a built in Remote Starter, from the makers of Viper. This girl will start with no issues from the Gingras apartment, and also in the cold, winter Winnipeg weather, as her block heater is top notch.

With her recent face lift and Rocket Guard across the bottom corners, rust is rarely seen, and even less noticed.

This Blue Lady came from one family of owners, and is ready for use today. Extra parts included in the trunk including the Hanes Manuel for easy repair and maintenance.

This great Lady can be yours Gingras, if, The Price is Right. (Not actually selling it, just added for fun emphasis and dialogue humour)

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patty-jean said...

Holy Moly! God is Awesome!!!