Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Birthday Doll

This little cutie is for Abby's friend. Happy 1st Birthday, Emma! What a great pattern this was to work with. This is Emily Martin's doll pattern - generously free for personal use. I am so glad that I found this pattern, because this makes a quick and simple gift and there will be lots of parties in Abby's future. I didn't have wool felt, so I used craft felt with fusible interfacing and I stitched her face instead of painting it. (oh, and I enlarged it 200% instead of 150%) You could do some many little accessories or adjustments on this pattern and I would highly recommend checking it out!

UPDATED TO ADD: Emma loves her doll! I'm so glad.

UPDATED AGAIN TO ADD: Go check out my sis's dolls that she made for a family in the midst of the adoption process. Crystal did such a great job.

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Evelyn in Canada said...

Lastyear I made faceless Amish dolls for a couple of girls. In body they were smaller, but very much like your doll. Very cute! I love that you add the handstitched embroidered face. Something I don't have the patience for.