Saturday, October 25, 2008

To Drool For!

Okay, so I already know that I have a weakness for patterns. There is a whole list on my sidebar of patterns I'd love to get and sew. Now, one of the drawbacks of these lovely patterns is the whole online purchasing and shipping hassles. I love mail, but some companies charge an arm and a leg to ship to Canada and as of yet, not many of my favourites are available in Canada. Well, to my delight, I've discovered that I can order patterns (and a whole chunk of designs I want are available) from Pink Chalk Fabrics and the shipping is so reasonable! To ship one pattern here costs $1.25, two = $2.00, Three = $2.25, Four-Six = $2.50! That's so great! It means that I can order just one pattern and not feel like I'm being ripped off on the shipping.

So, in honor of this discovery I've added this little lovely "Happy Stacker" from Heather Bailey to my wish list. Don't you think baby would like one?

And of course, baby must have one of these "Magoo" monkeys from Melly & Me! I'm not completely unselfish, either. I have been drooling a long time over Pink Chalk Studio's "the Notetaker" and Sew Liberated's "Emmeline" apron, too.

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Mom said...

Hey Babe,
What a great discovery! I love the items on your wish list and love the apron for you too. I think you are so creative you’d be able to make the notetaker just by looking at the picture.

I love you and can’t wait to see you.

Love always,