Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My improved sewing corner

My sewing corner was looking like a disaster area. I don't have much space and even less storage, but I managed to tidy it up and add some color and now I love it. I had a white board/cork board combo, but the white board was really yucky looking, so I covered it with some fabric and hung stuff on it. This gave me some little storage options and cleared out my one drawer (not shown - it's under the desk). I hung a few inspirational things up and those lilies were a gift from David. They are so potent that I can smell them across the room with a head cold

I am itching to sew some things for baby now. In that news, I posted on my old blog that I ordered the fabric for cloth diapers. I made one trial diaper with the ottobre pattern and the leg holes are monstrously huge. (It still needs the top stitching and the velcro. I will finish it as it will work for a toddler training diaper) After hours of searching the internet for other free patterns, I decided that I needed to buy a pattern with proper sizing. If I had a child on whom I could try the diapers on it would help, but I am new to this whole mom thing and don't even know where to begin to size diapers for a baby. I ordered the Very Baby very basic all in one diaper pattern, which comes in four sizes. I am so excited to have a pattern that will fit and has good reviews. This should help my lack of motivation in this area. I'll keep you posted as to my progress...when the pattern gets here and I begin.


Pecos Blue said...

Looks great! Have a little space too that I am trying to set up. Any hints.

Coralee said...

the only suggestions I might have is keep it full of things you love and as organized as possible. Storage will be helpful in the future, but with our baby on the way, there are other priorities.