Monday, October 20, 2008

New Haircut and Glasses

Okay, so I am so blessed to have a hair stylist friend who says things like "I have my scissors home today, would you like me to give you a haircut?" Thanks, Julie!!! I am growing my hair out again, and it would be impossible without Julie's great style capabilities. I would not have lasted this long without her!

The glasses are somewhat new, I just haven't blogged about them. I thought that since I get a lot of questions about online ordering, I would give all the information again (I did post some of this on my old blog). First of all, I heard of the concept from a lovely crafty blog lady, Mrs Blair Peter of Wise Craft. From Wise Craft, I followed her link to the Glassy Eyes blog that goes into much more detail on the whole process. However, it is my experience, that people want to hear from someone they know if it's really as good as it sounds. Here's what I did...

1. I went to Optical 4 Less and used their virtual try-on program to see what colors, shapes and styles I liked
2. I then went to Goggles4U and searched for glasses that looked similar to what I liked when I did the virtual try-on
3. I had my eyes examined at WalMart (the cheapest place here in Winnipeg for eye exams)
4. My David measured my pupil distance as directed from the faq's on Goggle4U's site
5. My first order I placed was for 2 pairs of prescription eyeglasses (1 with sunglass tint) and paid the extra for expedited shipping...this still took 3 weeks to come as they do come all the way from Pakistan
6. My most recent order (shown above) I didn't bother paying extra for shipping and they came in 4 weeks (worth waiting for, in my opinion)
7. I am a happy online eyewear orderer!

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