Saturday, October 11, 2008

The ball needed a friend

I found the baby bib pattern at Happy Things, but I skipped the chenille (it's $27.99/m here) and used flannel. I think I am in love with this green fabric and I'm sad that I'm almost all out of it. I have enough for a couple small projects, so, I'm picking very carefully. I'm wishing I would have bought enough to do a baby quilt with it, but oh well. I did originally buy it for the diaper bag and some little accessories, so I guess it's gone pretty far.

My parents have generously offered to purchase a play yard for baby...exactly what we wanted...and so, I hope to make some matching bedding when we get it. I hate fitted crib/play pen sheets, and my mom used to make envelope style sheet so that they'd stay put. I'll be sure to try that. Maybe I'll even have the chance to make a baby quilt, too. Another day, I will show you the bunny quilt and diaper stacker that my mom was given for me 30 years ago. Her friend made it and we have it for our baby. Blogger is taking it's sweet time to load pics today, so stay tuned for those pics later.


LLG said...

All the stuff you have made is beautiful. I really think you should open up a business or go to a market or something and sell stuff. Your baby is very lucky to have such a talented mom who can make cool and fun things.

Coralee said...

Thank you so much. I have certainly considered opening an Etsy shop, and I have done some custom work, but with baby on the way, we want to wait a little while longer and build up a good sized inventory to sell. thanks for your support and encouragement, though.