Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Parcel - Part Two

Days of the week favourite is Tuesday!

Winnie the Pooh set (picked out by cousin Ethan - we love it, George!) This set includes: long sleeved "pooh-sie", short sleeved "pooh-sie", a "sleep-pooh", a "pooh-que" (that winnie the pooh touque[hat] for my non-Canadian friends), mittens and booties and a bib. David dubbed the onsies "pooh-sies" and his favourite is the long sleeved "pooh-sie".

A huge variety of onesies, sleepers, pants, socks etc, including a few premie onsies - just in case.

A super soft swaddling blanket with feet!

A super soft blanket, too.

This whole package has been such fun to open and sort and re-sort and just to stare at. There's more yet to share, but blogger takes forever to load pictures on our 'light' speed internet, so stay tuned for part three. I've gathered our whole baby 'stash' and put it into the play yard and it looks like we have tonnes - even though I know it's just the beginning. Now, I really need to get those diapers done. I have the pattern now and hope to try my first one by the end of the week.

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