Tuesday, April 12, 2011

How Good Photography Makes Such a HUGE Difference!

At our last photo shoot with Twila, she surprised me with some photos of the little notebook I gave her. This just settles it in my mind that if I ever open an online shop, I need to get quality photos of my product. Twila's pictures make my sewing look so great.

 (this one is my favourite... I LOVE daisies!)

Wow! Thanks, Twila for these amazing pictures for my blog.

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patty-jean said...

What beautiful workmanship Coralee! You must teach a workshop on these lovely journals! Years ago before scrap booking became popular, my journals often had pressed flowers, leaves, artifacts from places I had traveled attached in different forms...but when scrap booking hit it's peek, I shied away from it all...I must get back - thanks for the inspiration!