Monday, April 11, 2011

Custom Journals and Another no. 10 Charming Tote Bag

I've been "sitting" on these journals for just over a month. I've actually been collecting for them and thinking about them since last fall. I borrowed Handmade Home by Amanda Soule from the library last fall and this is one of those projects that I've been itching to actually try. I called Staples and got an idea of costs for binding and decided to make it worth my while, I'd need to make at least three at a time. This makes the service fee minimal and then you have some to share. I knew that I wanted to share one with my dear friend, Jenni, for her birthday and I knew I'd want one, too. That means there is one for later.

I used various pretty papers, envelopes and even paper bags inside. I doodled on some of the pages and left many just as they were. I also used magazine clippings that I especially enjoyed the art on. This is such a fun and easy project, though it can take some time to collect just the right pieces to use. I hope to make some more of these.

Well, I knew that I'd be making more of these lovely little purses and I have not been disappointed with how well they've turned out. This one is made from another pair of up-cycled pants purchase from a local thrift store. I love how it looks and it's quite forgiving.

I have one of these cut and ready to sew with my new fabric, that one is next. Speaking of my new fabric, I whipped up one of these little beauties adjusting it down in length by about 2 inches. It turned out really cute, with a few minor trouble spots. I wasn't using my own faithful machine, but a borrowed friend, (I'll tell you about that later) so there was some minor hiccups from not being used to the machine.  The recipient of this one told me that she was excited to put it to use, so I call it a success.


Evelyn in Canada said...

Those notebooks are awesome! I saw some this week that used vinyl albums for the cover, part of the cover for the back cover, filled with "used one side" paper (folded in half so you can use it), and bound with a coiled clothes hanger. I love the idea of including a few envelopes and special papers. How much did Staples charge to bind them?

Lucrecia said...

What cute notebooks, I wish I had a talent for doodling, yours is wonderful!

LOVE the clutch, the buckle is a great idea!