Sunday, April 24, 2011

All Cut and Ready to Go!

Cutting out patterns and fabric is probably my least favourite part of a sewing project and will often cause me to procrastinate on certain projects. I buckled down and did a bunch of cutting this weekend. Here are 216 squares and 90 circles (it will eventually be 216 circles).

This will be made into a lovely picnic blanket.  I did a practice square and I love how it turned out. The blanket is going to be amazing. I've graphed out my pattern and will begin sewing this week.

This stack is cut out of Abby's receiving blankets. I will be making her a rag blanket out of them. I got blisters from my rotary cutter and I went through 3 blades with all this cutting, but it's done now. The fun is about to begin.

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