Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

To be honest, it feels like I been celebrating this day all month long. I've already been showered with many many blessings this month. Planning my own party (which was a week early) was a great deal of fun and I was incredibly spoiled by my girlfriends. I will be blogging about a couple of my gifts soon. David and I are going on a dinner date tonight at the Keg. We've only ever been once and have really been looking forward to our date. Two of my birthday presents have actually been ordered online and I should receive them by the end of this month or early into next month and so extending my birthday for the entire month. What fun!

Now, about my birthday giveaway... I have a few little lovely goodies to include in the package, but here is the main item you have a chance to win.

This is the third custom journal that I talked about. Here's some pictures from the inside. I really enjoyed making this journal and it couldn't be more "me" than almost anything I've made.

How to win: Leave a comment here on my blog telling me where you typically read it (ie. on my blog, on facebook, a reader, email etc). If you are reading this anywhere aside from the blog, you will need to pop on over to leave a comment here. I love all comments, but those via email or on facebook will not count toward the draw. You have until 10:00 pm (CST) on April 30th to enter. I will then use a random number generator to choose a winner. Make sure you leave an email or some way for me to contact you if you win. Good luck!


LLG said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I read your blog through your blog site! I love have something new to read all the time!

Tania Brunet said...

HI Coralee, Happy Birthday! I see your blog updates on Facebook and then head over to your actual blog site to read it there. Facebook doesn't have the same "ambience" as your blog site :D

Jen said...

Happy Birthday!
I read right here on your blog.
Come on lucky #3! :)

Jenny said...

If this journal is so you shouldn't you keep it Coralee. I read this on your blog, after seeing your link on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Happy Birthday Coralee! And yay for birthday give aways! My feed reader (simply called "Reeder") brings me all of your latest posts!

Adventures of Deesa said...

I'm a google reader.... and your sister! lol
Love you and happy birthday!

LLG said...

I like what Tania said, that is true for me too. I sometimes see the feed on FB and then go to your site b/c reading it on Facebook isn't the same, and sometimes I just go to the site to see if there is anything new! Well said Tania!

Anonymous said...

Hi Coralee....give me a call sometime we have to catch up!!! ph. 306-262-0394
I check your blog on your blog site regularily. It's nice to get your news!! Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great Easter!!
Things are going o.k.. I've had major roommate changes in the past couple weeks. Sherisse (a friend) moved in on April 15th and is gradually re-arranging her stuff and doing cleaning on her old apartment which she has until April 30th. She has been living here full time already so it's great to have someone in the house again (and a girl!! Ha Ha).
I went to see Josh (old roommate) for 3 days over Easter in Edmonton. Saw my old vet clinic/apartment and Beaumaris Lake in Castledowns, his bachelor suite (it's huge!!), went to Grant MacEwan to see where classes, library, bookstore, cafeteria, etc. are, went to "Limitless" movie which was really surprisingly good, and did some shopping. Also went to Banff with Josh and did Gondola, hiking, hot tub/sauna, etc. before going to visit my sister and her fiance in Calgary. Lots of driving but a good time.
This week I have a crew from Ottawa coming in to do a "mock" recall of eggs at Star Egg grading station. A test of our systems and controls so hopefully that goes well. My Grandma Smith fell and broke her hip so I'm spending some time at the hospital visiting her as well this week when Mom and Dad can't be there.
Well I gotta run.
Erin de Coninck Smith

Evelyn in Canada said...

Happy Birthday, Coralee! I love that you are giving away something on your birthday instead of receiving. That's a nice idea.

I only read your posts on this blog. On occasion I scan my husband's Facebook account, but I don't like that forum at all.

patty-jean said...

Happy Birthday Coralee! You are such a giver - giving gifts on Your birthday, giving a self-less party for your party.
I read your blog-blog - this is where I typically read;)

What a Beautiful Journal!

David said...

If I win, I get to choose who I give it too - mwahahahahha. This is so nice, and I like it. Just wanted to post so that you felt more loved.

Teresa said...

I am struggling here.. I have left two comments and they don't seem to save!

Teresa said...

finally - two times I have said Happy Birthday Coralee!

Carla said...

Hey Coralee-

I typically see your post on fb and either read there or jump over here to "see what's happening!" I enjoy looking at all the things you create - you do a super job! Often I do my blog reading while nursing the babes and think it's neat that Malachi is so close in age to the twins.

Many blessings to you for your birthday!