Friday, March 4, 2011

no 22 Pleats Shoulder Bag

I got some sewing time this week! Hooray! This lovely bag is my diaper bag replacement. You know, the in between bag. Not a diaper bag, but not quite a purse yet. It holds as much as the diaper bag, to be honest, but I think it looks even less like a diaper than my diaper bag did. I upcycled a couple pairs of pants  and a bedsheet for this bag. I love that you can get enough fabric out of clothing for accessories. I filled it already and I'm loving it so far. The PDF pattern from I Think Sew, was well done. The instructions were clear. The only downside was how long it took me to piece together the pattern (it prints on regular paper) and then re-draw each piece with a seam allowance. I would have much preferred for the seam allowance to be included in the pattern.

(aprox. 23" X 19.5" X 2" )

(button detail - same on both sides)

(inside view... I added a zipper pocket - all bags need a zipper pocket!)

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patty-jean said...

You really are SO talented Coralee! It looks beautiful - love the fabric!