Friday, March 18, 2011

Twila Mae Photography

It all started with these photos!

These photos were taken at our Marriage Builders' Valentines day event, the King's Ball back in 2009. Abby was 3 weeks old here. David and I hadn't met Twila yet, but our planning partners suggested we ask Twila if she'd like to take portraits at our event. I am so glad that she said "yes", because that was just the beginning. Included with the digital copies of these pictures, was a letter and a coupon for a discounted session fee. David and I decided that we'd give her a try for a family photo session later in the year. We put aside the money and booked Twila for late summer. Here's a few from that session:

We were so impressed with her work that we decided that we would continue to hire Twila for all of our family photos. When you live far away from all of your family, it's especially nice to have great pictures to send to them. We were thinking we'd hire Twila yearly for family pictures. That idea hasn't changed, in fact I am constantly dreaming up ideas for future sessions. One session that we did was after I designed her business card in barter. This session was a challenge for me, because I was feeling so vulnerable and not at all photogenic. Twila quickly put me at ease and gave us some incredible pictures! Pregnancy was such challenge for me and I am so glad to have these pictures as a good memory of that time. Here's a few from the maternity session:

This past week we had another photo shoot with Twila. This one starring our Malachi. I asked Twila if I could snap some pictures of her in action and she graciously agreed. As you can see, she's very good with all of her clients. This session was a lot of fun for me and I am so excited to see how they all turn out. I did get to have a few peeks throughout the session and I know that they're going to be great.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Twila is her willingness to try things that you'd like. She's open to different ideas and has a ton of her own, too. We're already talking about sessions for the next few years. If you're looking for a great photographer in the Winnipeg area, I highly recommend Twila! Make sure you check out/like her facebook page.


Twila said...

OH CORALEE!!! I'm soooo flattered!!! Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. You're family has made my job easy! You're beaming smiles and bright personalties create stunning images EVERY TIME! Thank you for your enthusiasm and loyalty to me...I am hubled and honored. I look forward to creating more memories with your family in the future!

Jen said...

I always love seeing your new pictures by Twila! It's enough to make me wish *I* lived in Winnipeg! (Unless of course you do traveling shoots to BC? Pretty please!?!)

Twila said...

aww shucks! You're too sweet Jen! If I could "beam" myslef there I WOULD! Or you could just move here :)