Monday, February 28, 2011

My Computer's Back!

Well, it was about a month without our iMac and I sure did miss it, but it's fixed and back home. They say "once you go Mac, you never go back!" and I sure felt that! Anyway, I have a whole list of things that I want to blog about and I'm about to do a compilation blog to catch up on some of the list.

First up some digital design show 'n' tell. I had the pleasure of designing a new year's card and gift certificate for our favourite friendtographer, Twila. It's always a fun challenge for me to do digital work for other people, because I'm pushed out of my usual styles and it stretches my creativity. Twila found a design she liked and sent it to me for the general idea of what she was looking for and we went from there. I love how they turned out.


(4x6 to be cut in half)

Twila's designs then became springboards for doing Abigail's birthday party invitations and thank you cards. These were a quick design and lots of fun.

In other news, we've been redecorating our apartment. After the initial disappointment of not being able to move, we decided to make this apartment more homey. (Did I mention that here? - it's a bit of a story, but the result is that we will be staying here for at least another year) We're picking one room at a time to work on and it will take some time, but I will show you bits and pieces as we go. I mentioned on facebook that my darling husband painted our main wall in the living/dining room a yummy chocolate brown (the paint was a gift from friends of ours). Its amazing what a difference it makes in there! I love it. I'm afraid that I don't have pictures of it yet, as I'm waiting to hang our family pictures, but I will reveal it soon.

It's been a funny winter here, with unseasonably warm days followed by stupid cold ones. I have enjoyed the view from my window while drinking nice hot cups of tea. I really love our city in the winter, despite the cold. David and I are thinking of adding reviews of places we visit here in Winnipeg. We are trying to explore more of our city and will share what we find. I am looking forward to this a lot. I found a great city guide on Design Sponge and hope to visit several of the places listed there.

I have some projects on the go and am looking forward to some sewing time. I've got this pattern, and this one, and this one... all of which I am itching to try. I finally renewed my Fabricland membership and got some interfacing, so it won't be long now. I'm also waiting on my fabric order from here... my first designer fabric (this will be blogged about when it arrives). I've heard rumors that the birthday girl liked her present, and I'm so glad.

Well, I'll sign off for now. This isn't my whole list of things to catch up on, but it's a good start and it won't be a month between posts now that my computer is back. Oh, and just in case you can't get enough of them either...

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Jen said...

Looking forward to seeing your home transformation. So proud of you for using your gifts to make the best out of any situation. God bless you & David!