Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh Wait! I Forgot Something Really Important!

When I am writing a post, by the time I hit "publish post", I've read the blog several times. It's amazing how often I find mistakes or realize I've missed something. In any case, I didn't tell you all about my wonderful husband and his role in Malachi's birth story. I can't even begin to express my emotions and gratitude where he is concerned. In this time of complete new ground (VBAC is considerably different from a C-section delivery), again being the hardest thing I've ever done, David was with me every step of the way. A lot of the night in the hospital was a blur to me, but I do remember times where he would lay on the bed behind me and just hold me. He whispered to me things like "you CAN do this." "You were made to do this." "You can do ALL things through Christ who gives you strength." "I love you." "You're doing amazing." "You're so strong."

David held my hand, wiped my nose, turned my nose ring when it was sticking out of my nose, gave me water at least a million times, put chapstick on my lips almost as often, helped me to the bathroom several times, and overall took GREAT care of me. I couldn't have done it without him.

David, my love, you are such a gift to me and to our children. You are an amazing husband and father and I am so blessed to get to grow old with you. I love you more and more everyday!

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patty-jean said...

Now that is beautiful! Wow - beautiful picture of husband and wife, mother and father.