Friday, January 21, 2011

Coloring Notebook Thingy

Yeah, I'm not sure what to call it. Abigail's super-awesome-color-for-a-long-time-book doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, does it? This is the first thing I've made for Abigail's second birthday. CORRECTION: this is actually the second thing I've made for her. I also whipped up a skirt for her to wear. I would've posted it with this, but I'm waiting until I get good pics of her wearing it. We are having her party on the 30th, so I still have time for other things (you'll have to stay tuned for party details, I'm having fun with this one!) but I wanted to have something for her actual birthday. She gave a resounding "oh, wow!" when she saw it and then used it several times throughout the day for long periods of time. I call that a handmade gifting success. I will have to get her some better pencil crayons though, these were from the dollar store and are really hard and pale. I should know better because cheap crayons were the same.

 (holds 7 pencil crayons)

(zipper pocket for pencil sharpener and stickers)

I can hardly believe that my little girl went from this....

 ... to this!

Happy 2nd birthday, Dolly!


LLG said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABIGAIL! You are one cute lucky little girl!! Have a great party!! I love your super-awesome-color-for-a-long-time-book. Have fun coloring!

Jen said...

WOW! I can't believe how grown up she looks!

Happy birthday Abby!

patty-jean said...

WHat a wonderful gift! love it!