Monday, January 24, 2011

David's Birthday Present

I want to show you the cool necklace I bought David for his birthday. We were talking about family jewelry one day and I was showing David what I wanted for myself. I will show you that after I get it... I'm so excited! Anyway, David was asking why there aren't any father's jewelry like there are mother's jewelry. Well, I figured there probably was such a thing and visited Etsy. I found some great ideas. The original papa tags, Dad tags and the mens silver washer necklace were just a few. The one that stood out to me and the one I purchased was the sterling bar necklace for him by under her charm. I liked that it was one piece and wouldn't be bashing around on David's neck. I loved that it was four sided and would fit all our names on it. I figure if/when we have more children, we could either buy him a new necklace or add a mini name charm like these. Lisa offered great service. We were having problems with David's clasp and when I wrote to her, she sent me a new clasp to replace it. I do find that ordering from the states usually means sloooooow shipping. This took nearly a month to get here, and not because Lisa took forever to make it. No, it was the whole customs thing (I think). Anyway, David's been wearing this since he got it and I'm so impressed that a) he likes it and wears it and b) that there is some great family jewelry for men.

(Abigail's name is on the underside)

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