Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Sewing

I've finished Abby's birthday sewing for this year. First up is her t-shirt skirt. I used this tutorial and it turned out really cute. She really likes it, too. I hope I can keep sewing things for her that she likes. I really like how it looks with her baby leg warmers.

Next up is a stuffed butterfly. Her birthday party theme is butterflies this year (I will post all about the decorations etc after her party). I decided to whip up this little stuffy for her, though she certainly doesn't need any more stuffies! The pattern is from Amy Butler's Little Stitches book. This is an example of what happens when I sew while tired. There are several little mistakes (I won't point them out - I'm trying not to pick apart everything I do) Abby doesn't care anyway.


Jen said...

She is sooo cute Coralee!

I checked out the skirt tutorial... I absolutely love it! (Although I think Zach might look a little funny in a skirt... any suggestions on how to make it more 'manly'?)

Evelyn in Canada said...

I wish my girls would still wear cute skirts. They are fun to make and look great, but the practicality of them seems to change once they get to school. And once they get used to pants, there has been no going back for my girls. Bummer, but I must say that I'm the same. I'll only wear skirts if leggings, tights and nylons are not involved. That rules out much of the year.

davegonsite said...

I love the skirt. Abby is so awesome in it, and she is uber cute. I am looking forward to seeing the clothes you make for yourself and for Malachi. You are a wonderful woman and a very attractive wife. You should make a skirt for yourself, I think you would rock that bad boy out!