Sunday, January 23, 2011

Handmade Gifts!

My children have been the recipients of some lovely handmade gifts. I thought it would make a nice blog post to share.

First off, we have Abigail's apron that she got at Christmas from Auntie Jenni. I am so proud of Jenni's work, she did a great job. Sorry, the pictures aren't great, but as you can see, Abigail was too busy to pose for pictures.

 (no, we don't let her use the mixer when it's on)

Next we have Malachi's hat from Auntie Patty~Jean. I love her hats! Abigail has the cutest one (she's grown out of it by now, though.) and now Malachi has one, too. Malachi gets to grow into his as you can see. I'll be sure to get some pictures of him wearing it when it fits a little better, too. I kid you not, though, when I put the hat on his head he immediately smiled and started to coo. It was so cute.

I love handmade gifts! Thanks, ladies, you did an incredible job! It was a great opportunity to show more pictures of some of my favourite people, too!

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patty-jean said...

Love it! reminds me of a rhyme,'this is a bunny with ears so funny...'

love the 'lil kitchen helper!