Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Introducing Baby Micah

...and our first summer list check-in 2012!

You may recall that "have a baby" did make our summer list and what a great way to start the summer! We are pleased to introduce to you

Micah Daniel Gingras
Born June 1, 2012 at 3:20 am
Weighing 8 lbs. 6 oz
Measuring 21½"

Our littlest 'little' started his journey into this world packing quite a punch (I'll share his birth story some other time), but we are so glad he's finally here!

So, here's a quick check-in on that list:
  • Have a baby (check!)

  • Finger Painting - Abigail covered this one during one of Malachi's naptimes. I'm not sure I'm ready to loose him into that world of mess, but Abigail certainly enjoyed herself.

  • Sidewalk chalk - another great naptime. Poor Malachi doesn't know what he misses or maybe Abigail doesn't know what she's missing (I know I'd rather be napping)

  • Go to Half Moon Drive In (okay, so this wasn't on the list, but it should have been!) We love the drive to Lockport and it makes a nice morning to lunch time family adventure. I love their onion rings!!!


Jen said...

And what a beautiful baby he is! So thrilled for you! Congratulations!

P.S. I found part of an idea (I modified it to work for us) for clean finger painting that I have been using with my boys *somewhere* online. I cut a paper down to fit in a freezer bag, stick it inside, then carefully squirt different colors of paint in the corners of the bag before resealing.

The kids smush the paint from the corners all over the paper. Eventually it is thick enough that we use plastic cookie cutters pushed against it to make different shapes or q-tips to draw pictures on it. (You will probably have to do it to understand what I mean) We "erase" our creations using little rolling pins. You can't keep the pictures because the paper gets mushy, but this activity literally holds my boys attention for an HOUR at a time... They love it!

Congratulations again!

Donna Dawe said...

Your youngest little man is adorable. I am really enjoying seeing Abby growing up. Maybe it's because I have a girl now, but it's nice to see it. Abby is just the right amount of "girlie" mixed with the perfect amount of adventurous "boy". I do look forward to what's ahead (as I sneak in to look at my girlie sleeping and wish she could stay this tiny forever).

Congrats on your new family (let's face it, the whole family becomes just as new as the newborn). What's your "favorite" these days and is there anything you long for (besides sleep)? Just a question... no real reason.

Neat idea Jen. Now, if I could only do anything that I actually need to plan ahead for these days. I will try this one though because I am so very tired of the clean-up. It takes days. I still have the art easel outside from Manday's not-so-quiet, quiet time.

Evelyn in Canada said...

I'm thankful that I didn't put "have a baby" on our summer list! Congratulations! He's beautiful.

Patty-Jean from LittleQuiver said...

I guess it's better late than never to wish you a blog-congratulations on new Baby Gingras. A Little Jewel, truly!