Saturday, June 9, 2012

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

I love cut flowers! The morning after we had brought Micah home (Saturday), our dear friends and landlords brought us up some breakfast and these lovely roses. Aren't they beautiful?

Then after several long sleepless nights, David came home from errands with Abby and brought me a bouquet of flowers and an add on of baby's breath. He knows that I like to play at arranging and wanted me to have lots to work with. I spent a good hour with jars and flowers working out various arrangements that I could then put all over the house. One bouquet can go a long way. Abby has her own little arrangement, too. I love that David "gets" me and when the salesperson suggested he look at their ready done arrangements, he declined saying "thanks, but my wife likes to arrange her own." I LOVE my husband!

Abby's is the middle one above - and she's very proud of it.

I love these PoP Shoppe bottles!

This trio is now in my bathroom

Abby is copying my photography

this is by my kitchen sink

and this one on my table.

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