Saturday, May 19, 2012

Summer Fun List 2012

Well, we've begun our new Summer Fun List! Just like last year, this is not a list of "must do's", but of "could do's". It just gives us a springboard of ideas to make the most of the season. You can read about last year's Summer Fun List here, here, here, here or here. Some of this year's items are repeats, some are new and some are ones we never got to last summer. We're looking forward to it all!

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prayer furnace - have a baby (due in 2 weeks) - wet cement (make our mark) - formal take-out (get dressed up and go for fast food) - movies in the park (Assiniboine Park Movie Nights) - 5 Winnipeg Landmarks (to be determined) - Assiniboine Park Train - Children's Museum - Winnipeg Zoo - living room campout - boat tour - midnight 7-11 run - sidewalk chalk - climb trees - surprise ice cream runs - fly a kite - finish picnic blanket (I really need some time to sew) - craft time - walk a dog - water fight - backyard campout - beach day - family pictures (Twila, we'll be calling you!) - dance in the rain - outdoor movie night - road trip (Sister's wedding in Calgary!) - mini golf - home recording studio (we have the equipment to make home recording and we want to do this with the littles) - fireworks - baseball game - late night storm watch - wiener roast - go for gelato - Kildonan Park pool day - walk 5 bridges - finger painting - research a country we'd like to visit - Nemo 3D (in theatres soon) - Tinkertown - Boonstra's Farm

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Jen said...

Sounds like a fun summer! Yay!