Friday, May 25, 2012

Nesting Again

So, I think I've got the nesting bug again. I am tired, but there's lots of little things I'm trying to get done/ready before Micah arrives. Truth be told, though, part of me is just trying to pass the time. I want him to come soon!!! Well, I did a little last minute sewing for my own little. I didn't do a lot of this kind of thing for Malachi, but I felt like I wanted to do some baby sewing for my own little one again. I have an outfit for Micah to come home in (waiting to take his picture in it before I show it to you), but I wanted to make a little hat and some baby shoes, too. Love how they turned out.

I haven't made of pair of these for quite some time. I used this pattern/tutorial again. I forgot how finicky parts of these are to sew, but they sure make cute booties!

Click here, here, here or here if you want to see some shoes I've made in the past. Click here if you want to see more baby hats (I've made more than I've taken pictures of).

The hat tutorial can be found here or you can use this one (I've used it, too). This is a great go-to gift for a quick gift. I actually picked up a couple of thrift store t-shirts for $1.25 (total) because I was looking for a specific blue. I have some other fabric to make some warmer ones, that I will whip up... likely after Micah's arrival. I will want to measure his little head to be sure they fit.


Anonymous said...

How do you make those booties. I can't find the pattern.

Coralee said...

Yes, sorry to see the link is dead. I tried to update the link, but in the end the only way I found it was to google michael miller baby booties tutorial and it's a pdf link. Hope that helps.