Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Birthday Check In

Well, once again I've been blown away by the generosity and love shown to me over my birthday. My goodness! I am a blessed woman! It started with early birthday gifts that I got to choose and order online. David bought me these great prescription sunglasses from Zenni Optical. They took a total of 4 days from the day I ordered them to delivery at our door... from CHINA! Crazy. I really like have sunglasses again.
(added grey sunglass tint)

Then I ordered two custom pieces of jewelry. Thanks to generous cash gifts from both sets of parents. First the next ring in my family ring stack. It happens to be David's birthstone (a 4mm square citrine) on the narrow twig band from Olive Bungalow. I love this website and I am so glad to be getting my next ring. I hope to order the mini stack ring with the three little's birthstones on one ring this fall. I don't expect to see the ring for another few weeks as last time it took about a month to get. I think it sits at the US/CANADA border for quite some time for whatever reason. It gives me something to look forward to.
(looks similar to the second ring from the top in this stack only the stone is a bit larger)

Next I ordered a custom bracelet with my children's names stamped on it from Etsy shop Three Little Pixies. Since we know we're having another boy and have chosen his name, I didn't mind ordering this one before Micah's arrival. The ring obviously needed to wait because I don't know which month he will be born in yet. I love supporting handcrafters and I love jewelry, so this was a win win. Again, I don't expect to see it for some time, but another thing to look forward to.

(obviously Abigail, Malachi and Micah are the names that will be on my bracelet)

David really wanted to throw me a party and we were excited to find out that the movie the Artist was supposed to be released on DVD the day before my birthday. We're kinda known for our movie themed parties and David had some great ideas to go with the movie. Well, they changed the release date until June (I think) and spoiled David's plans. He was so disapointed. I told him that I didn't really want to plan anything (March had been crazy) and why don't we just go out on a nice date. David called from work telling me that he arranged for friends of ours to babysit our littles so we could go out to dinner on my birthday. I got to choose where we were going, but we'd need to be home by 7:30, because our friends had an 8:00 appointment. Dinner sounded (and was) wonderful! We went to Mongo's. I chose that restaurant, because it's not a place I would bring my littles until they're older. I liked the idea of having a sitter and not needing to worry about a child friendly restaurant. David got off work early. Our friends came and sat down to eat their supper that they brought while my littles ate their KD. Off we went. It was great. I really enjoyed myself. We went window shopping for a little while and a small drive with some Tim Hortons.

We got home right at 7:30 (didn't want to make our friends late) and found a house full of my friends surprising me for my birthday. David managed to arrange a great surprise party for me. He did a great job!

(I didn't actually take any pictures, but a friend emailed this one to me. This isn't a whole group shot, just those who happened to be in the kitchen at the time)

David called up my friend Donna and wanted to order custom baking for my party. He wanted to hire her, but she insisted on making it my present... and a lovely talented gift it truly was. You can read all about the details on her blog Peek-A-Boo Window. I did "steal" her pics to show you here, though.

So many people in on the surprise! So many lovely gifts (it would take a week to "show" you them all), so many people showing me their love and support! It was lovely. I even had a few gifts and wishes given to me on the following Sunday from those who regretfully couldn't make it to my party. Part of the fun has just begun as I have some gift cards to spend, too. SPOILED! Yup, I sure am.

Not that this has anything to do with my birthday, but I did manage to sneak in some sewing last week (my Dorcus is back from her "spa" treatment). Here's a custom Mei Tai. I used a combination of this tutorial from Jan Andrea on the Web and an old pattern that is no longer online. It turned out pretty nice and is already in use by this cutie:

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