Friday, May 18, 2012

Checkin' In

Well, we're only 2.5 weeks away from baby Micah's expected arrival. This is by far the fastest, busiest and most pleasant pregnancy I've experienced. I am quite tired these days and the heat gets to me pretty quick, but we're almost there. I even think baby 'dropped' last night, though I'm second guessing that this morning. Anyway, let's get to it!

  • Mother's Day! It was a great day. David took us out on family adventures to the Forks, which included a boat tour (the river air was sooooo refreshing!), a visit to the candy train and a visit with a horse. Then we picked up KFC on the way home that we ate in the yard (read: no dishes or kitchen to clean up). It was a delightful day! I didn't bring the camera... aw, nuts! I asked David to take a picture with the littles yesterday to make up for it. I love my bare topped littles!

  • 37.5 weeks and I asked David to take some belly shots. I don't really have any for Micah's baby book. We took a couple with the intention of taking more later in the day, but never got to it, so here's what we've got for now. If baby surprises us early, then at least I have these. I'm squinting pretty good, but oh well. Ugh! I need a haircut!

  • Oh, and those are my new glasses (click on picture to enlarge). I lost my glasses out of my bag last Saturday. I was wearing my new prescription sunglasses and the case must have fallen out...grrr! That was a rough day. David was so great about it and kept telling me to let it go, it's not the end of the world. Well, I ordered a new pair from Zenni Optical for $28.50 (included shipping) and they arrived at 1:00 pm on Tuesday! That's still crazy to me considering they come from China! I still haven't received my ring that I ordered a month ago from the states.

  • We got a jump on our summer list yesterday (we haven't even made one for this year yet, but fly a kite was on last year's list and we never got to it). So, we got a kite and took it out. Abigail insisted we sing "Let's Go Fly A Kite" from Mary Poppins - her lyrics are very cute. I tried to take a video of her singing, but it was so windy that you can't really hear her. Best $3.50 spent.

  • David freed me up to take the afternoon to myself yesterday. I went to the mall and bought Micah a sleeper to come home from the hospital in. Then I went for a half leg wax and a pedicure here. Two spa services that are extremely helpful when you can barely see your toes, let alone reach them. I am such a cheapskate though, and feel rather bad about how much it cost. I do love my pretty toes and I feel a little bit more ready for Micah to make his arrival.

  • Got to go on a date last night - so great! I love date nights. We went to go see the Avengers (we get our movie tickets through airmiles - anyone else do that?). This is the second time we've seen the Avengers, but the first time, we were so close to the screen (read: full theatre) that we could barely see the action. Anyway, it was fun to go out with my David!
  • Today is "Mt. Washmore" (aka laundry) day. I have at least 4 loads to do. I wash my linens every few weeks and this is the week.
  • Crazy warm weather here in Winnipeg! 29 degrees for the last two days! It's been amazing and the best news... we're not cooking inside our house! We haven't even turned on the air conditioner yet!!! Such a huge thing after the last four summers in our old oven, I mean apartment.
  • I made myself a packing list for the hospital. I'm a list girl, in case you didn't know. It really occurred to me how soon Micah could come and so now I'm in get ready mode. Feeling a bit better prepared (getting my laundry caught up will help, too).


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Jenny said...

Love you Coralee. It is amazing how a few productive hours can make us feel so much better. Thanks for sharing your life with us. You are a treasure and an inspiration! You're looking great by the way! I'm glad you treated yourself, don't feel guilty. God takes care of his kids every needs. Can't wait to meet Micah!