Monday, August 29, 2011

Welcome, Sophia!

I teach sewing, have I mentioned that here? Well, I have one student, the lovely Miss Sophia. I was thinking about how if you take dance or music, you have a year end recital. That is not so practical for a sewing student, so I decided that as Sophia's "recital" I would have her blog about her experience so far and her latest project. So, please welcome Sophia!

Hi my name is Sophia Nolan and I'm 11 years old I'm in grade six and I’d like to tell you about my project! I started my project in about May and finished at the end of August. But I started sewing classes in April and maybe a little bit before that I got my first sewing machine! 

What I started the project off with going to fabric land. There I picked out my fabrics and threads and I actually had lots of fun doing that. The colors I picked really suits my personality the bag does also!
And then we had to do all the cutting and sewing but really you might think that my project would be easy to make it was hard but I had lot's of fun with it. 

And one of the things I learned was that the seam ripper is your best friend in sewing. because I had to use that thing quite a few times on my project:) I also learned how to thread a machine and how to thread a bobbin and some times I even fix my mom or dad’s cloths. As I was making my purse I leaned how to sew so many different things like how to sew ruffles and buttons and how to sew Velcro. When I started my project I thought that the very end would be the easiest but really It was the hardest.

 and I had to get my teacher to help me on some of the parts at the end. My experience sewing was very interesting I got to learn so many things and I think I will cherish my first year of sewing a lot. I think that as  Mrs. Gingras and I were sewing I got to know her really well. and I just can't wait till next year!

I'd like to tell you the reason I wanted to learn how to sew. One of the reasons is because when I grow I want to be a fashion designer and I want to sew my designs not just design them! And the other reason I wanted to because of  my Grandma Woods she also gave some inspiration and I’m so glad she's in my life. And my project turned out really nice and I was very happy with it. 

 (Sophia shared some of her designs for me to show you - I would totally wear these!)

Now to finish this of I’d really like to thank my teacher Mrs. Gingras for showing me so many things about sewing and helping me come closer to my dream! I'd also like to thank my mom and dad for giving me the chance to do this! ~ thank you for reading :)

Isn't Sophia the sweetest? She's done a great job on her first big project! It's been my pleasure, for sure. Now readers, you know what to do, please leave some comment love for Sophia.


Amanda L. said...

Looks great sophia!! Best wishes on your journey as you pursue you dreams :)

LLG said...

CUTE! I love your bag Sophia, and your name! Your designs are great. I will be one of your buyers when you become a famous fashion designer. Good luck with the rest of your sewing!

Angela said...

Dear Sophia,
You must be so proud of yourself. The bag is totally wonderful and so fun. Give my girl a big hug form her mama, would you and she can give one back as well.

I love your designs I think any woman would be proud to own them.


AKA mamma to your teacher.

Rachelle said...

Great job, Sophie! Love how the whole project just highlights your personality!
I think some of your first designs should be baby boy clothes!!!

Patty-Jean Here said...

Beautiful Job Sophie! What a wonderful teacher you have as well! Look forward to seeing more of your projects!