Monday, January 18, 2010

A Poncho and New Jewelry

David bought me 4 balls of the softest yarn for Christmas and I decided to try making a poncho. I made it with two rectangles (hdc) attached together adding fringe and though it's a bit rough - being my first try on a bigger project, I like it. It's warm and cozy and super soft. Youtube helped me out with learning different crochet stitches and how to do the tassels. I am very visual so this turned out to be the best way for me to learn.

I wore this out on a date with David last Tuesday and we came across this necklace that looks so great with my new poncho that David bought it for me immediately.

This lovely spoon ring David also bought for me while we were in Edmonton. Our friends from the Antique Photo Parlour brought them in from Cuba and I wanted a new one since mine (that I also got in Cuba) has seen better days. It is made from a silver dessert spoon and because of that, my finger is quite green underneath. I have that funny reaction to silver - anyone know any home remedy tricks for this? I am wondering if rhodium plating from a jeweler would do the trick, but since that costs $30/ring (last I had it done to my wedding set) I'm not sure if I am willing to risk it. I like it enough to deal with a green finger ;)

That's my show 'n' tell for this week. Abigail turns 1 this Thursday and now I am working on her party plans. Some crafting is definitely involved in that and I will show you after her party (on the 31st). Hope your new year is full of loveliness so far - mine sure has been!


patty-jean said...

Awesome Coralee - you are passing from novice fiber person to experienced with FLying colours, i meand fingers! and i feel of tinge of guilt that I didn't make you that poncho we talked about! I have another poncho that I've put aside with you in mind if you want (i didn't make it though - i thing nygard did?!)

Coralee said...

oh Patty~Jean, please in no way feel guilty. David was excited to help me by finding the yarn and he knew I would have fun doing it. I love ponchos and if you still have that one to "get rid of", I'd be honored!