Friday, January 15, 2010

Finally! My Watch is Replaced!

Did you know that I make jewelry, too? I know that some of you knew that, but as it's been a long time I figured not all of you would know that. Anyway, I had a watch that I put my own band on. I had a bunch of unique beads, some of which were leftovers from other projects, and I wanted to use them in a unique way. I think the original version of this watch was created 5 or so years ago and it has been re-made several times. Well, the watch died (replacing the battery did nothing) and it was a sad day. I love my watch (not the face so much as it was nothing special, but the band made it fun). Finally! My watch is replaced and I remade the band with the same beads, just changing the wire to black (I had some leftover after a recent project and I love the look of black wire). I do, however, need to change one of the bumpy beads to a smooth one, since it digs into me when I hold Abigail. It's been nice having a watch on again.

(I made it so that it wraps around twice for ease of putting it on)

P.S. We had the privilege of going to see some family and friends in Edmonton over New Year's and it was a good week. I'm sorry that we weren't able to meet up with everyone as one week just isn't enough time. I hope no one felt overlooked and that you can extend grace and understanding to us.


patty-jean said...

Beautiful Coralee! Wow - you are SO talanted!
I was looking foreward to seeing you this morn' but we had one little sickie and we did not want to spread it - Talk Soon!

Evelyn in Canada said...

That's a great idea for a watch. I wouldn't quite know how to do that, but I agree that it would be nice to wear a watch again. I leant mine to a daughter in the past and never saw it again.