Saturday, January 30, 2010

Mini Dolly and a Pacifier clip

Abigail has had velcro figured out for a long time, but that has made the store bought soother tethers useless. Just before we went to Edmonton, I decided to make a tether with a snap instead so that it stays put. David has a love-hate relationship with the tether. Most of the time it just frustrates him, but I stick it out because I don't want lost soothers! Anyway, it's crafty and since I'm waiting until after Abby's party to show you what I've been up to, I figured I'd share this even if it's simple and old news.

The other little project I can share is Abby's mini dolly. I was watching her play and realized just how much she is currently enjoying toys that she can hold in one hand. I then thought to myself that I had to enlarge the doll pattern 200% and what if I just didn't enlarge the pattern at all? This was a quick little project, the embroidered face took the longest (if I had a permanent fabric marker I would have used that instead). Anyway, I made one to match her big dolly and one as a little belated birthday present for Abby's little friend, Aisha. Aisha and Abby are exactly 1 week apart in age and shared birthday cupcakes at Aisha's party.

While Abby and I were out with my friend Jenni and her daughter, Emma, we stumbled across this cool toy. We both got a little sentimental about it. Anyway, we'll probably pick these up for the girls and put them away for when they're older. Wouldn't you, if your daughter's and her friend's names were Abby & Emma?

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